Your Investment In Your Memories

Let’s be honest for a sec. Hiring a wedding photographer is a HUGE deal, and I want to be yours! Trust me, you’re putting all of your trust into someone that will be there to capture those real emotional moments on your wedding day. Let that girl be me! Ya’ll, it is my mission to capture the natural light, timeless memories, and candid moments on your wedding day. Wether it be your mom helping you into your dress, your dad as he is walking you down the aisle, or your fiancé’s reaction of seeing you all gussied up to marry him, I want to be the one to capture that for YOU!

As someone who has been able to capture this day for over 75 couples, I have been able to create some pretty awesome collections for you to choose from for wedding day coverage. You’ve spent too much time planning this amazingly beautiful day for it to not be captured in the best way possible! These images are the one thing that will be passed down from generation to generation! As long as you know that, and truly appreciate the great importance of photography as much as I do, then lets get down to business!  

I have carefully curated three specific collections for my Couples to choose from for wedding day photography coverage. This includes a 6, 7, or 8 hour collection. Also, the 8 hour collection includes a complimentary engagement session! All of the CMP Wedding Collections include a secondary assitant photographer. Why? Because I love having someone there with me on the day of your wedding so that there are always two pairs of eyes watching for those perfect candid moments to happen. We try not to miss a beat! You won’t be sorry for having both of us there, plus, I have someone to hang out with during those little down moments! It’s a win win!

Photography is important, remember, the flowers will wilt, the food will be devoured, the drinks will get ya drunk, but in the end, the photographs are what will last forever.



6 Hours Wedding Day Coverage
Secondary Assistant Photographer

And more...


7 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
Secondary Assistant Photographer

And more...


8 Hours Wedding Day Coverage
Secondary Assistant Photographer
Complimentary Engagement Session
and more...

Average Client Investment


– FAQ –


Ideally, I would love to have you booked within 8-12 months prior to your wedding date. When reserving your wedding date with CMP the sooner the better, as I only take on 25 weddings a year!  


No, I don't, simply because not every photograph tells the story of your day. I may have 10 shots of the exact same thing, as part of my creative process, and you will only get the best of the best! I cull through and finely edit each image in your gallery to show off your most beautiful and amazing moments and details. I reserve the right to deliver the images that best represent you, as well as my brand. If there is an image that you are specifically looking for, and did not receive, I would gladly work with you to see if we can find that particular image of sentimental value.


The second photographer that will be with me on your big day is someone who I trust with my life. These ladies (and gentlemen) are those who I have worked with before and I know are capable of being there for you on your big day alongside me. The second photographer will be with your groom when he gets ready, as well as, another angle as you walk down the asile. I love having a second with me, and you will too!

What do we get before the wedding?

I am so easily accesable and I WANT to be there for you throughout the entire process. When you book with me I provide each client with a personalized client portal that will contain so much information for you for your wedding day! I take the time to create a wedding day photography timeline with you that is full of information you will need on your big day. I make sure that all paperwork is taken care of BEFORE the wedding day, so that there is nothing to be worried about on the day of! I have questionnaires that I will send you throughout the process to give me all the answers about your day, the theme, the addresses, and so much more. I even have a questionnaire about the family shot list, because let's face it, thats probably just as important to your family as the actual ceremony! I make sure to make this process easy and carefree!

Are you licensed and insured?

UH, yea! It is something that I pride my business on, being too legit to quit!

How do we receive images after the wedding?

I provide my clients with an online, downloadable, gallery from their wedding day. This gallery will be full of the fully edited, carefully chosen images from your big day. This gallery is available for 120 days and then archived. You are able to download your images directly to your computer or device to have at your own disposal!

More questions? Ready to book? Contact me for more information!