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Hey there!
I'm Casie Marie, and I am excited to meet you!

Hi there!! My name is Casie (Kay-See), and I am the crazy, and candid, girl behind the lens here at Casie Marie Photography. I am a natural light, fine art, digital wedding photographer based here in sunny Orlando, Florida. I adore beautiful blooms, gowns with layers of movement, and long ornate lace veils. I love to serve adventurous and bohemian couples, who value art, fun, and raw emotional moments! Ready to learn more about me? Keep scrolling!

I am a pretty simple person. I adore adventure, I love to travel all over the world (you hear me eloping couples?). I also love... no, ADORE a good cup of coffee, and if you have a coffee bar at your wedding, you are probably the perfect couple for me. I also adore Disney, which is actually something that I didn't used to be so fond of, but man how the times have changed. Now, if I have a day off you can be sure to find me at the parks, making fast passes, and trading pins. I have found the most amazing hobby for myself (since my old hobby is now my livelyhood) in the Disney Pin Trading craze, and it has been so much fun! I love being able to meet new people, and get to see all these super cool new pins. Believe me I am a child at heart!

Something else that you should probably know about me is that I am pretty infatuated with my perfect little pup, Rusty. He is the most amazing, perfect, annoying, ridiculous, terrible, and snuggly little nugget on the planet! If you come to your client meeting in person then you might just get to meet this little ball of energy, because I just can't leave that little face in his crate all day! Rusty is a long haired dapple & tan Dachshund, who we have had for a little over a year now... wow how the time really flies around here! He has been the perfect addition to my little self employed life here, and gets me up off my butt when I have been working too hard. He's pretty darn great!

Before I founded Casie Marie Photography, I was actually a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Choral Music Education. Now, you may think "whoa... that's a bit different than photography, huh?" and yea, it is. I was in my senior year at UCF when I had a sit down with my internship teacher, we had a heart to heart about the future of education in Florida, and what talent he saw in my photography. We pretty much decided, together, that photography was the passion that I really should follow, sure I was a good teacher, but he wanted me to really follow my heart and do what I WANTED to do for a living. I did receive my degree, I walked across that stage, and I will forever savor the friendships I made. But, photography has always been my passion!